Online dating sites are replacing the old ways to find couples. Years ago it was the bars, the university, through common friends or through blind dates but with the internet the possibility of clicking with other people of the opposite sex has multiplied.

This has made many go to these sites to conquer. But it is not enough to have a membership in these social networks. Some studies show that behind a good online profile as with a good resume to get a job you have to be clever and consider key aspects. To achieve this you basically need to be careful about which photos you upload and your profile description.

o make it work it has to get attention from the beginning, be able to emotionally stimulate and tell your interests in a genuine way. These are some recommendations:

Images: let them know who you are

For your profile image, I recommended an image of your entire face, without glasses, without hats, something like that. Women really want to see who you are and if you use many accessories, you will not succeed.

She wants to see your whole face and how you look like and especially what your eyes are like. Remember that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Also, you can choose a photo in which you’re smiling since many women find it attractive and charming.

For the following images, the ideal is to put photos that indicate that you have an interesting life. Taking pictures with your dog, cat, horse or any animal can give you that idea because it implies that you care about other beings and not just you. I recommend that the photos you choose are only yours, and not with other people. Group photos can show insecurity of yourself by showing you how you really are.

Profile Description: simple, just be yourself without lies.

Having a first sentence that attracts attention will allow you to stand out from 90% of the profiles and will cause them to look at yours more carefully and willingly, so try to start strong with a good line that stands out from the others. You can use a little humor because any woman who smiles reading your description, definitely will talk to you.

Try not to look like a professional profile, for example “I am an engineer and I work at x company for 5 years”, just say “I am an engineer” and in one of your photos you can choose a photo related to your work but in an interesting way. Another aspect to consider is to show emotions because when you show your emotions the woman who reads it will feel those emotions too and that will help you to be more interesting.

Last Piece of Advice

One last advice is don’t lie. It’s useless making a profile full of lies. Instead, you should exploit all your passions and personality traits because if you make it easier and simple, you have more chances to impress and meet persons that are really interested in you.