"The great question... which I have not been able to answer is:
What does a woman want?"
Sigmund Freud.

"Learn the Insider Tricks of the masters of dating on how to get dates with beautiful and sexy women and make them want YOU as much
as you want them . . .

Friday, September 21, 2018
Subject: Dating For Man

Hi and welcome to a relationship filled with love instead of frustration:

While almost every guy you know dates women or wants to, the truth is, few truly understand what a woman wants in a date or a romance. Dating For Man is that inside track to the TRICKS you need to get dates with any woman you want, any time you want. Dating For Man not only lets you in on the insider tricks the greats of dating know and use all the time, it includes valuable information on building a long lasting relationship and keeping that dating life alive and exciting all along the way.

New outstanding ...

Dating for Man
A Man’s Guide to the Art of Dating and Romance

This book is amazing. It shares with men the insider secrets of how women think, feel and tick. It’s like someone handed you the key to the heart of every woman you will ever meet. Who needs tricks or fancy pick up lines when you can have the kind of information dating for men provides. As a psychologist, I am keeping this book in my waiting room for my single male customers to read and browse. It will help them with this part of their lives that is such a crucial part of their self-esteem. - Dr. Julian Sans.

This book gave me the focus and purpose that my dating life was lacking. It was like I was adrift, just floundering around out there without any real plan or direction to what I was doing. With this book, I feel like someone handed me the control of my love life and now I go about preparing for my times with women with a huge confidence that I am on the right track. Now I know what works with women and I just have to put the ideas I learned from dating for men to use each time I flirt, go out with my special lady or plan a date and I am successful every single time. - Larry Price.

Thank you for writing this amazing help book. It could almost be called Dating for Dummies because it sure helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. It is written in such clear language that I find myself reading it over and over just to learn and remember more. Its actually fun to read. And those bonus materials and articles. I am amazed you are giving them away. Those are almost worth the price as much as the book is. If these secrets get out into the general population of men, look out ladies, us guys are armed to the teeth with the magic that will make us killer dates and lovers for you gals. - George Papos.

It is amazing to me that this book has in it deeply insightful information about how women think and work that isn’t available anywhere else. I don’t know what deal you guys had to make to get this knowledge but thank you so much for sharing it with us mortals. I have been wishing for this kind of knowledge ever since I was 12 and knew I wanted to really be a hit with the girls. It not only gives me everything I need to stop messing up how I flirt, prepare for my dates and how I try to pick up girls, it is a guidebook to getting a real serious love affair going, one that can lead all the way to spending my life with my soul mate. That is a gift that is life changing and this book qualifies as that kind of resource, one that will change your life forever. It sure has changed mine.
- Eugene Fields.

Hi there, Just a quick note to let you all know that I love your ebook. Everything is very clear and easy to understand. Two thumbs up. Thanks so much.
- Tom Scott.

Are you ready to take charge of your dating life and see it take off like a rocket to an exciting life of romance, fun, thrilling and sexy dating experiences time after time after time?

Whether you have never spoken to a girl before, have had thousands of girlfriends or are dating the same woman for years, this book is a crucial guide to how to make your dates fun and exciting for both you and your lover. Not only is it packed cover to cover with tips and advice on every imaginable subject in the world of romance, Dating For Man is an instruction manual to the inner workings of those baffling, amazing and so desirable creatures, the women in our lives...

And best of all, it's fun to read and full of fun and interesting examples.
Dating For Man is the type of book you will find yourself rereading often both for
the valuable advice it has for you and just because it's that much fun to read.

"The SECRETS you are about to learn are so
simple and effective, you'll wonder how you
survived without them!"

If you want to see your dating life really take off and if you want to know the secrets of not just a good dating life but a GREAT one, this valuable ebook is just what you need!

You will be amazed at how SIMPLE and yet so NEW and CREATIVE the ideas you will get from Dating For Man. The insights into the process of dating and into the female mind will amaze you and give you a whole new plan for going after those really great dates, the ones you will remember for a long, long time...

You know what? Whenever men gather ‹ whether it's in bars, or clubs or living rooms to watch the game ‹ the same subject, the same questions, the same frustrations, the same heartaches seem to come up about how hard it is sometimes to know how to find the right woman , make your dates really great and make that relationship really get going into something deep and meaningful and exciting, too.

“Wow... I just had to send you a quick email to let you know that I think this is truly the best dating book for men. At my age I found it difficult to start dating again and I must say, you folks have made it easy. Thank you.”

- Rick Blackstone.

“My girlfriend saw this book at my house and picked it up and read a bit and said “hey who spilled the beans”. I felt like she had found my magic potion but after she read a bit of it she said, “Now I know who changed you into my Romeo, this book did the trick.” She got me. After reading and learning the secrets in dating for men, our relationship turned around and it has been all fun, excitement, laughter, lovemaking and sex for us every time we get together. She wants me to throw away all the amazing advice about finding and picking up girls but hey, never hurts to stay informed. Plus I am going to share this resource with my single friends who are so frustrated. Frustration time is over my friends. Dating for men is the magic carpet to success with women.”

- Steven Mellish.

Dating For Man has been written to help with that exact problem, the confusion and frustration man have knowing how to please the women they want, love and desire on a date. Dating For Man fills in the gaps in your knowledge of attracting women, picking up women, getting that first date and pleasing a woman on a date
time after time after time...


    dating How to be irresistible to women

    dating All the tricks of the master of wardrobe, hair and preparations for the date

    dating The thing most men forget, preparing the guy inside as much as the outside man

    dating That sometimes, mysterious art of creating “chemistry” with a woman

    dating Dozens of creative places to meet women that you had never thought of before
           about before.

    dating Dozens of ways to meet women ‹ ways that are not the same tired routines
           girls hear from every guy out there

    dating Tips on the fine art of flirting

    dating What makes a good pick up line?

    dating How to make your date a romantic adventure

    dating Insider information on how to use conversation to really make love take off

    dating Things you never knew before about what makes a woman tick

           And a lot more... Much, much more!

Everything you learn from Dating For Man is based on real life experience
with real live women, not some dry psychology. This book was written with one thing
in mind, to make you successful with the ladies by learning what turns them from standoffish snobs into puddles of love in your hands.

The ideas, tricks and advice in this ebook, once you have read and studied them will seem so obvious.
“Why didn’t I think of that?” will be your response. But once you understand what the ingredients are to a thrilling and exciting dating life, your romantic and love life will never be the same and you will never want to go back.

This book will give you a glimpse into the very heart and soul of women and how to touch that thing that makes them lovers and sweethearts for the man in their lives. Sound like something you want from the woman or women in your life? You bet it is.

By learning how the woman views the time you share together, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND why she does what she does, reacts the way she reacts, and makes love the way she makes love.

And don’t think that learning how to make the date just right to turn her into
a pussycat is just for you. It will be the best gift you ever gave a woman: the lover
of her dreams and the dating life of her dreams.

      online dating You will learn what so many lovers have said, you make a woman believe you care for her and she will be the most exciting lover you ever experienced.

      online dating You will learn how to manage your look, your clothes, your hair, and the all importance of something you never thought was a powerful communication tool to your date, the proper selection and care of your shoes!

      online dating You will learn how to manage the situation if she is distant and not affectionate not by grandstanding but through the skilled use of touch, conversation and eye contact.

      online dating You will find out that women want us just as much, maybe more, than we want them and how to tap into that powerful desire they have to be admired, pampered, flattered, loved and cared for and their tremendous capacity to give pleasure to you as a reward.
Finally, you will have more dates than you can fit in and dates so full of excitement and romance, you may not have to look for more from an endless stream of one night experiences. Finally, you will know how to make that connection with a woman that really sets off fireworks and gives you a sweetheart, a dear friend, a soul mate, a cheerleader, a sex kitten and a lover all in one package.


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